Mark your calendars for the The Autumn Harvest Festival and West Virginia Roadkill Cook-off

September 27-28, 2019

The Autumn Harvest Festival hosts a variety of events throughout its 2-day schedule. See this year’s Roadkill Pageant winners, listen to great live music, catch the Hudson Cream West Virginia Biscuit Bake Off, the world famous West Virginia Roadkill Cook-off and visit the booths of our many arts and crafts vendors.

Autumn Harvest Festival News

First Place The Youth Health Service Hillbillies Their team chief chef was Peggy Stull from Bartow, WV.  The [...]

Call for Entries: Harvest Festival Fair

September 6, 2018 . by Chamber

The Harvest Festival Fair is fast approaching and we hope all the gardeners, homemakers, crafters, seamstresses, quilters, artists, […]


2018 RoadKill Cook-off Registration is Open

April 26, 2018 . by Chamber
Registration for the 2018 West Virginia Roadkill Cook-off is now open. There is no registration fee. If you [...]