Annual Business Grant allocates $500 to winning contestant

The Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce held its 7th Annual “FISH BOWL” Grant Program on the evening of June 24th at Stillwell Park in Marlinton. Marty Bloss, representing The Green Bank Observatory in Green Bank provided a $500.00 grant for the event. All attendees paid a $10.00 fee for the event. These funds were added to the $500.00 grant. A light dinner was served and it was sponsored by Denise Campbell, Chamber member.

There were 3 contestants that presented their pitch for the grant money. The placings were determined by audience ballot voting scores.

The first place winner of $500.00 was awarded to “Stone House Salt Rising, LLC. Stone House Salt Rising, LLC is an in home bakery providing freshly baked salt rising bread for customers in the Pocahontas County area. Kim Clifton, Owner plans to use the money awarded to expand her operation by purchasing a new oven. Currently Kim only makes six loaves at a time and with her winnings of $500 an additional oven would enable her to produce more bread in less time and also allow her to expand the number of baked good offered to customers. Stone House Salt Rising, LLC has expanded by word of mouth and social media. Follow her experience on Facebook by following @stonehousesaltrising

The other candidates making a pitch were:

Robbie Sipe, daughter of Harry Sipe made a pitch for their business Cheat Mountain Trader. This business is located in Bartow. They are interested in expanding their retail space to include a variety of sporting goods, such as hunting and fishing supplies.

Leslie McLaughlin made a pitch for Cackling Hens, LLC in downtown Marlinton. Leslie has recently expanded her business into a larger space located on third Avenue in Marlinton. Leslie would have used the grant to install a security system into her new space.

Thank you to all who participated!